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PLEASE bring your own PPE & a PRAYER RUG.


It is recommended to perform good deeds throughout the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah. Also, fasting on Yawma ‘Arafat (Day of ‘Arafat – Monday July 19th) expiates ones sins from the past year and the next year.

Also, any who intend to sacrifice an animal on the day of Eid Al-Adha, then it is an act of the sunnah not to cut one’s nails or trim one’s hair.


Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said; “If one of you intends to sacrifice an animal on the day of Eid al-Adha; then he or she should stop cutting the hair and the nails.” (Muslim)

Starting June 18th 2021 A 10 Part Learning Series


Friday Night Youth Halaqa
Masjid Bilal Bin Rabah is announcing a youth Halaqa which will be held on Friday nights between Maghrib and Ishaa.

Our Halaqa is aiming to:

  • Empower our youth’s Iman and to establish a stronger Islamic identity.

  • Building the essential elements ”nafsiyah” of Islam within ourselves and our youth.

Boys from ages of 10 and above.
Any girls or younger children are welcome to join with their father’s attendance.

  • 1st series – Basis of faith and the construction of the belief.

  • 2nd series – application of fundamentals of Islam to daily life.

  • 3rd series – Quran, proper recitation of the short Surahs.

  • 4th series – Lessons from The Life of the Prophet (salallahu ‘alaihi wasalaam).

  • 5th series – Lessons from the lives of the Sahaba (radiAllahu anhum).

  • 6th series – contributions of the women surrounding the Prophet (salallahu ‘alaihi wasalaam).

  • 7th series – Stories of previous Prophets (AS) and ancient civilizations.

  • 8th series – The proud history of the Muslim Nation (Umma).

  • 9th series – the function of Daawa, why? how? and to what end?

  • 10th series – General issues concerning Muslim youth.

The Halaqa will not have a grading system. There will be no failing or passing, only learning.

$15 Monthly donation from each attendee, 2 or more attendees from the same family will have a discount.

Note: the monthly donation will strictly go to supporting the masjid’s needs.

Br. Samer Zuheika will be the instructor of the Halaqa.

Please register with Brother Kareem.
The 18th of June will be our first Halaqa In Shaa Allah.

May Allah make this effort successful and grant it in our good deeds.


There is a saying in Arabic: “Saying I don’t know is half of  knowledge.”

Once a man came to Imam Malik from a very far distance and he asked him 40 questions. Imam Malik only answered four of them and for the rest of the 36 questions he replied, “I don’t know.”

The man was surprised and asked Imam Malik “what should I tell people about these 36 questions for which you said (I don’t know)?” Imam Malik replied that the man should tell the people that Malik says: “I don’t know,” “I don’t know,” “I don’t know.”

Imam Malik said this 3 times.

Not all questions have an answer. Imam Malik also once said, “The shield of the scholar is, ‘I don’t know’, so If he leaves it down, his attacker will strike him.”